Have you ever


How did my cable bill get so high?

Am I getting ripped off by my heating fuel company?

Is changing electric supply a scam and how do I really save money?

Should I think about halving my cellular bill?

Haggle renegotiates prices and services
on your recurring household expenditure.

We save you hundreds (thousands) of dollars
on the purchases you are already making.

How Does it Work?


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Sign up on our mobile or website and pay $200 for us to review ALL your household bills (or $100 for 3)



Upload your bills from the services you want haggled



Let us take care of haggling lower prices for you



We’ll update you on the services we’ve renegotiated



We keep monitoring prices and plans

We charge a fee to find you savings, and if we can’t it’s free! So, think of Haggle as a no or low-cost way to recover money from your monthly expenses that have got out of control.

What Bills Can I Reduce?

"You saved our business over $10,000 a year in energy alone across 5 locations, and we had a company supposedly monitoring our costs. You are the cheapest best solution, period."
- Trevor, Norwalk CT
"Seriously, I thought I was shopping around.  You guys have embarrassed me, in a good way.  I’ll let the experts haggle for me from now on."
- Alan, Millville NJ
"I can’t believe you charge so little and produce such great savings.  You really are the cheapest way to find the cheapest services."
- Kristen, Armonk NY
"Where were you guys last year, last decade?  If I’d have saved this much money annually for as long as we’ve lived here I’d have a new car!  Thanks so much."
- Tammy, Wakefield, RI
"Our pool service costs were pretty high.  I’d searched using one of those house service apps and didn’t see any different prices (are they rigged?), Haggle found a great alternative and saved me a fortune."
- Michael, Westchester NY
"I started paying $50 for cable and before I could think it was $300.  Haggle repriced the service but better yet pointed out that there are even better ways to save money on my TV."
- Roger, Columbus OH
"My heating oil bill was out of hand, but we’d always used the same company and they seemed so nice.  Now I know why – they were robbing me blind.  $1,000 saving, that’s a lot of money to me."
- Mary, Fairfield CT
"I never understood those annoying phone calls about changing electric supply.  Thanks Haggle for saving me money without dealing with the hassle."
- Greg, Waltham MA

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17 High Street
Norwalk CT 06851

Phone: 833-899-0099
Email: bill@haggle.services


If you’re not the customer, you’re the product. You pay us to avoid being the product.  We work to save our customers their money.

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